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Trip planning with JustWravel

Trip planning with JustWravel

When we plan a trip with a group of strangers for a place we have never been to, there are few things which we worry about the most:

  1. Will it be safe to travel?
  2. Will it be economical?
  3. Will I be able to cover significant places in allocated time?
  4. How are the accomodations are gonna be?
  5. How’s the food gonna be?
  6. Who’s going to tell us what and where to spend more/less time?
    … and many more

When you travel with JustWravel, you won’t have to worry about these or any other thing for that matter and I say this as a highly satisfied customer of them.

I’ve been going on trips with them specially in North and North-East India for more than 5 years. I’ve been highly impressed by the way they manage the entire itinerary of any kind of trip, be it trekking, backpacking or weekend getaways.

Few things that stood out for them:

  1. They always have 1 or more experienced trip leads with the group who knows what, when and hows of the trip.
  2. The trip leaders are mainly local to the place and true travellers, so they have updated information like weather, road closure etc.
  3. The trip leads are not just for navigation, they keep the group engaged through group activities leading to good bonding between strangers.
  4. JustWravel’s itinerary covers most number of places for a given duration.
  5. Their itinerary is so elaborate, that I do not need to do my own research, saving me huge amount of time.
  6. Road Trips have a premium experience with respect to the package price.
  7. Last, once I book from them, I get free from every worry and from doing reaserch on mode of travel, where to stay, what to eat, where to go, how to reach, etc etc.

Few of the trips I did with JustWravel

  1. Meghalaya Road Trip
  2. Spiti Road Trip
  3. Valley of Flowers Trek
  4. Parashar Lake Trek
  5. Nagtibba Trek
    … and many more